Born to extremely creative and talented parents, It was obvious that Bhairavi Jaikishan would follow in their footsteps and use her creative genes as a form of self expression in her life.

Her father, Jaikishan (one half of the extremely talented and successful music directors Shankar Jaikishan) was blessed and known to be a creative genius whose expressions in Music have touched millions of souls. Their music had a strong foundation based on the Indian Ragas and her father named Bhairavi after his favorite Raag Bhairavi. They ruled the Indian film industry with their mesmerizing tunes in the 1950s and 1960s. It was said that during this period, anyone who was in love always had a Shankar Jaikishan tune on their lips. In a survey conducted by BBC on the 100 greatest Bollywood songs of all times, there were 3 Shankar Jaikishan songs among the top 5 with the hit song Baharon Phool Barsao chosen as the No. 1 song of all times. This list went on to prove that Shankar Jaikishan music was evergreen and timeless and appealed to an audience across several age groups. Bhairavi has used these qualities as an inspiration to her creativity and follows similar principles in her design process.

Her mother Pallavi Jaikishan was born to a leading business family and showed her passion for creative arts from a very young age. She would design her own exclusive saris, which she would wear for all the prominent Bollywood functions and parties. Needless to say, she received lots of compliments and several requests to design similar outfits for others. In 1972, she took the next step and started her business of designing high fashion. She is a pioneer in the Indian Fashion industry and it is often said that every bride must possess at least one Pallavi Jaikishan original in her wardrobe.
With a strong creative influence from both parents, Bhairavi Jaikishan uses her lineage as inspiration in her design process. From her father, she uses the influence of the joys of life and romance and combines it with influence from her mother towards the passion for fabrics and sartorial elegance and style.